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Northern Extractions Gummies

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80MG – 5 pieces per bag.

With Cherry Blasters, you get the same nostalgic flavour as you had as a kid, but with a stronger THC hit. Take a few sour cherries with you in the afternoon for a relaxing yet energizing high.

There are sweet and sour flavours in plenty in Cherry Blasters since they are modelled like the delicious candies they were inspired by. If anything, the quality components used in this recipe make it a bit more delectable. In fact, the flavour is so overpowering that it makes it difficult to detect the earthy undertones of the cannabis. With an 80mg dose, you should expect to feel it when it kicks in.

For those who are new to the drug, splitting the candies into pieces may be a good idea, since the recommended starting dosage of 80mg is somewhat high for newcomers. If you’re unsure about your tolerance, start with a little portion of a gummy before indulging in the entire thing.

Compared to Buzzy Peaches, Cherry Blasters appear a lot less authentic. However, since they’re candy, you should exercise caution if you have youngsters or elderly family members who should not consume edibles for medical reasons. Cherry Blasters’ logo may not be on the packaging, but it still appears like candy to a child. Remember to use caution, yo.

Just like the candy they’re named for, Cherry Blasters provide flavour. Even though you’ll be puckering as they’re swallowed, as their effects kick in, you’ll only be able to taste delicious cherry as you rest. Make sure you don’t overdose, otherwise you’ll fall into a sweet and sour sleep void where you can’t dream or relax.